Who we are and what we offer

Perspective Psychology offers a wide range of psychological services to the public, other psychotherapeutic professionals and to the private sector. We specialise in providing therapeutic help for the purpose of improving emotional wellbeing and mental health.

Your psychologist will do their utmost to welcome you into a positive and non-judgemental environment where you can work together to improve your situation.

Our Ethos

Everyone at some point in their lives will experience emotional distress and sometimes this feels too much to cope with alone. Feeling overwhelmed is not a sign that you are weak, rather it is a sign that you have had to be strong for too long. We are here so that you don't have to carry on alone and to provide you with a safe space where you can explore whatever is troubling you.

Meet the team

Clinical Director

Principal Psychologist

Dr Amy Dodd C.Psychol, D.Couns.Psy, PGDip, GDip, BA(Hons), MBACP

Dr Amy Dodd C.Psychol, D.Couns.Psy, PGDip, GDip, BA(Hons)
I have provided psychological therapy for adults across the NHS, for charities, and in private practice where I have specialised experience of working with complex mental health concerns. I have held positions within adult psychology departments, specialist eating disorder teams, community mental health teams and in-patient psychiatric services.

I am trained to work within a number of therapeutic approaches but at the centre of all my work is an emphasis on building a positive therapeutic relationship.

Counselling Psychologist

Dr Rachael Hillyer C.Psychol, D.Couns.Psy, GDip, BA(Hons)

Dr Rachael Hillyer C.Psychol, D.Couns.Psy, GDip, BA(Hons)
As a Psychologist I offer counselling and psychotherapy to both adults and children. I have a broad range of experience across the NHS and private practice where I have worked in specialist addiction units, in-patient psychiatric services and various child and adult psychology departments. As well as my work with Perspective I also provide therapy in a specialist looked-after children's service. I work to create a safe and non-judgemental environment so that I can develop a trusting relationship with my clients so we can work together to reach our goals.

Counselling Psychologist

Dr Leyla Rafieian

Dr Leyla Rafieian C.Psychol, D.Couns.Psy, Pg.Dip., BSc(Hons).
Previously, I have worked in the NHS with young people who suffer from psychosis. I have also worked in the voluntary sector with trauma survivors from all ages who present with a variety of mental health difficulties. I find it important to establish a sense of trust and encourage autonomous thinking in order to enable my clients to become masters of their own happiness.