What is therapy and how can it help?

Therapy is the process whereby you begin to really explore your difficulties, how and why they developed and ways to move on from them. Sometimes we are just too close to our problems and can't see the wood for the trees. This is where therapy can help.

The effectiveness of talking therapy is widely established in the field of emotional and mental health. Your psychologist will use their specific knowledge to help you reflect on your circumstances and ultimately facilitate healing.

Here at Perspective, we offer different types of therapeutic solutions to cater for different types of problems.

Individual Therapy

This is what you typically might think of when you first think of counselling or psychotherapy. You will meet with your psychologist on a regular basis to work out how to overcome the difficulties you are facing.

Your first session

This is the start of the assessment process. It is an opportunity for you and your psychologist to meet and to decide if therapy is the right choice for you. It is really important for the success of your therapy that you feel able to build a good working relationship with your psychologist. They will do their best to create a safe, trusting environment for you so that you feel able to explore all you need to.

During this first meeting your psychologist will ask you questions which enable them to get a good overview of the challenges you are facing. This information is used to help them plan the best course of action for you.

What comes next

If you decide that you would like to begin therapy then here are a few things that you can expect.

  • Each session is 50 minutes long
  • Sessions are weekly
  • Your session is held at the same time every week
  • All sessions are confidential

Relationship Therapy

Our relationships are not always easy. Sometimes we get to a place where we need a little help to work through the difficulties that have arisen over time, perhaps in our sexual relationships, or our familial ones.

Couple Therapy

We work with couples to address a wide range of issues from infidelity to psychosexual difficulties. We work within a positive, sexuality-affirmative framework and welcome couples from all sexual orientations.

Family Therapy

Sometimes managing the dynamics of so many individuals can be challenging. The purpose of family therapy is to help all the individuals work through their own concerns so that the whole unit can function more effectively.

Group Therapy

There are various group therapy options available which incorporate short-term CBT for those with issues such as mild depression and anxiety which may have been triggered by recent events. There are also long term psychotherapy groups available for survivors of childhood sexual abuse.


We accept self referrals from private individuals, couples and families.

We also accept referrals from other health professionals such as GP's and Psychiatrists, health insurance companies and instructing solicitors.

We offer therapeutic services for people with varying complexity of difficulties, although Perspective Psychology do not offer a crisis service. For this reason we are unable to accept referrals for those diagnosed with a psychotic disorder.

To help you decide if therapy is for you we offer 50% off the cost of your initial session. Get in touch and start putting yourself first today.