Child and Adolescent Psychology

Helping young people to feel better

Emotional difficulties are not reserved for those of us who are over 18. Children and young people experience challenges in their lives too and sometimes need help to overcome them.

Growing up is a fantastic but sometimes overwhelming journey which we all must navigate. Childhood and adolescence is a process of learning about ourselves, others and the world around us and Perspective Psychology can help young people and their families manage challenges together and in a positive way.

Rachael Hillyer oversees the provision of psychological therapy and counselling for children and young people at Perspective. She has a wealth of experience in working with children and young people and has specialised experience of working with families of adoption.

We will ensure that we find the right therapeutic approach to suit each young person whether it be through counselling or something more creative such as play therapy. It is our priority to make sure we build a safe and trusting relationship with all our young people so they feel confident exploring their difficulties.

What to expect

The first thing that will happen is your child will be offered an initial appointment. You are welcome to attend for moral support and it can often be useful to hear your concerns about what is happening. Next, if you are all comfortable, your child will attend a second session on their own.

What comes next

During these early appointments your psychologist will be building up a picture of what the problems are and how to address them. If everybody is happy then your child will begin therapy.

Parenting Help

Being a parent is a rewarding but sometimes challenging experience. Whether you need help bonding with your child, assistance managing and supporting your child whilst they have counselling, or advice and strategies for more positive parenting we can work with you to achieve your aims.

Family Therapy

We understand that the behaviours and attitudes of some members of the family have far-reaching consequences and can cause disharmony amongst the wider family. In these situations family therapy is the most effective way to make changes for the better. Your psychologist can provide a fresh pair of eyes and approach your situation with impartiality. Family therapy can help everyone to communicate more effectively and to move past hurt and anger towards unity.

If you think your child or family could benefit from talking to someone, we are here to help. Get in touch now to book a first appointment.