Psychological Rehabilitation

Recovery after trauma

This is a specific service for those acting on behalf of people who have been exposed to traumatic events and subsequently find themselves struggling to cope with the psychological after-effects.

Trauma can be hugely debilitating and can significantly impair a person’s mental health and consequently their social and occupational functioning. Appropriate and timely evidence-based psychological rehabilitation can facilitate recovery and a return to pre-incident functioning.

We work closely with solicitors, insurers and intermediary specialists to provide expert assessment and intervention for people who require psychological assistance after trauma.


We offer three levels of assessment, all tailored to the needs of the client and you – the referrer.

Comprehensive Psychological Assessment with Report

  • Appropriate number of meetings with client - dependant on case complexity
  • Administration of psychometric measures
  • Detailed report - includes all areas covered within a standard report in addition to a summary of previous reports and psychological formulation of client difficulties

Returned within 28 days of full assessment and receipt of all additional information.

Standard Psychological Assessment with Report

  • 2 x 60 minute meeting with client
  • Administration of psychometric measures
  • Standard Report - includes information about the possible influence of pre-morbid history, diagnosis, motivation for treatment, type of treatment and the number of treatment sessions required

Returned within 14 days of final assessment appointment.

CBT Therapeutic Assessment with Brief Report

  • 1 x 60 minute meeting with client
  • Structured assessment using a Cognitive-Behavioural interview schedule to ascertain suitability for therapy
  • Administration of standardised self-report measure
  • Brief report outlining therapeutic suitability and recommendations

Returned within 7 days of assessment appointment.

Psychological Intervention

The process of assessment seeks to determine the predisposing, precipitating and perpetuating factors involved in the client’s distress. Using this information a comprehensive treatment plan is designed and delivered within an evidence-based framework e.g. Trauma-focussed CBT for PTSD.

Treatment is tailored to achieve the optimum results and programme length varies with complexity. Regular treatment reviews ensure the work remains on course and provides a way to manage and anticipate difficulties that sometimes arise during the therapeutic process.

What you can expect

Perspective Psychology is committed to providing efficient psychological solutions which achieve the optimum result for all parties involved. We work to the guidelines set out in the Rehabilitation Code of Best Practice (2007), therefore;

  • Clients are offered an appointment within 14 days of referral.
  • Assessment reports are completed and returned expediently.
  • Regular treatment updates are provided and any concerns are raised immediately.
  • The provision of psychological assessment and rehabilitation is independent of the litigation process.

What to do next

To discuss your case in detail or for full T&C’s and fees please get in touch.