My approach

I provide individual and group supervision sessions for training and practising psychotherapeutic professionals. I follow a reflective, relational model of supervision aimed at encouraging the development of your own internal supervisor. This is predominantly a psychodynamic model that explores transference, countertransference and parallel process within the client-therapist-supervisor triad. I aim to build a positive, collaborative working relationship so you feel able to bring everything you need to supervison to get the support and guidance you want.

Supervision is designed to meet your learning objectives whilst prioritising the importance of ethical and competent practice.

Individual supervision

You will be allocated a mutually suitable time which will remain yours. All supervision contracts are flexible so that you recieve the correct number of hours you require.

Group supervision

Group supervision contains no more than four supervisees so that each has an opportunity to explore their client work. If you and some colleagues are interested in forming a supervision group please get in touch.