Private Health Insurance

We are approved

Many people now have private health insurance. This may be something you undertook yourself, or perhaps a benefit that you receive from your employer. Increasingly health insurance companies recognise the need for effective psychological treatment and may well fund your therapy. If you think that your health insurance should cover the costs of your therapy then get in touch with one of their advisors.

How you pay

Once your treatment has been approved, you do not need to pay. Your health insurance company is billed direct.


Each company will have their own simple referral requirements. Check with your advisor or contact us directly.

If you are an approved Psychiatrist looking to refer a client for psychological therapy then please do get in touch.

Partner Health Insurance Companies

I hold specialist recognition with several health insurance companies. These are listed below.

  • Pru Health
  • Simply Health
  • WPA

If your particular company is not listed above then you can contact them direct to see if they can fund your treatment with us.